Tree & Lawn Care Service in Sacramento CA & Surrounding Area

Our mission is to keep your trees healthy and disease free. Whether your tree is in need of a nutrient injection or covered with aphids you can rest assured that expert technicians will properly identify your trees individual needs and treat it accordingly.

Types of Tree Services

   ✔  Pest, aphids, beetles, white flies and Oak Worm treatment
   ✔  Curly Leaf, Fungus, Scale and Bore treatment
   ✔  Nutrients Injections
   ✔  Deep Root Feeding
   ✔  Systemic Root Injections

Lawn Service

Our goal is to beautify your lawn by making it green and lush without breaking your budget. We do so by treating with a combination of the following methods:
fertilizing, broadleaf, weed control, fungus control, and pest control.

Weed Control

We free up your time from pulling weeds so you can do the things you really enjoy like spending time with your family.

Types Of Weed Control Services

   ✔  Spot Treatment
   ✔  Pre-emergence Application
   ✔  Broadspan Treatment

Why Use Our Weed Control?

   ✔  Weeds cause fires when dry
   ✔  Weeds rob valuable nutrients from surrounding plants
   ✔  Weeds are unsightly
   ✔  Weeds lower property values
   ✔  Weeds harbor bugs, black widows, rats, mice and other garden pests


Our fertilizing provides the nutrients necessary to keep your flowers, lawn, trees, and shrubs healthy and disease free.

Types of Fertilizing Service

   ✔  Feeding of Flowers and Roses
   ✔  Feeding of Shrubs and Trees
   ✔  Feeding of Lawns
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